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Welcome to the Filecoin Foundation newsletter, where we cover big ideas and news about the Filecoin ecosystem and the decentralized web. Today’s edition includes saving the planet, K-Pop stars, and all the details
about FIL-Singapore.

The Big File

Those of us in the Filecoin community don’t have to look so far to see the real-life power of Web3.

The Filecoin ecosystem now includes hundreds of projects spanning everything from data markets and decentralized identities to consumer storage and NFTs. A few notable initiatives:

  • 🌿 Filecoin Foundation (FF) is working to bring the network’s environmental impact down to zero through the Filecoin Green Initiative.

  • 🤓 We joined forces with UNFINISHED to offer funding for projects that catalyze learning in Web3.

  • 📚 FF’s sister nonprofit, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), is supporting Harvard University's Library Innovation Lab in exploring how decentralized storage could solve the problem of link rot and preserve cultures for centuries.

Those are just a few recent examples.

The Filecoin network is also being used to preserve evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. In difficult times, it’s easy to understand the value of having a decentralized storage system in which the availability of information is not dependent on any one person or entity.

We are here to help show people the power of a decentralized web, and will continue to do so in this newsletter. We hope you will join us, both by reading and by sending us your thoughts at [email protected].

The Event File

See what’s coming up and follow our full programming lineup here.

 See you in Singapore

Registration for FIL-Singapore is open! The two-day conference takes place at Marina Bay Sands from Sept. 26-27, in preparation for Token2049. Register today using the promo code FFVIP for free registration.

Filecoin Fall is in full swing

Filecoin is also sponsoring GBBC’s Blockchain Central UNGA in New York, Sept. 16-17, and Unfinished Live, Sept. 21-24. See all our events!

 File it away

Planning a bit further in the future? We’ll be headed to Portugal for both FIL-Lisbon and Web Summit 2023 from Oct. 30-Nov.4 Register Now!

Come BUIDL With Us

Learn about the latest in Filecoin grants.

Yatima - Sitting at the intersection of formal proofs and zero-knowledge proofs, Yatima is integrating Lurk, a programming language for Turing-complete recursive zkSNARKs with Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). Learn more about Yatima’s FVM project.

Zondax - Combining FVM and Assemblyscript, Zondax is developing an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) for developers that are more familiar with Javascript-like languages. Learn more about Zondax’s FVM project.