Case Studies

Explore the ecosystem through some of its leading participants.


Opscientia(OpSci) is an open-source DeSci project leveraging the power of Web3 to grow, sustain, and continuously improve a decentralized science movement to drive progress in scientific research, making it easier for scientists around the world to share data. The project is focused on data sharing, research fellowship, community building, and automation for knowledge curation.

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Seal Storage

As one of the earliest providers on the Filecoin network, Seal Storage is an established leader in the ecosystem. The company is a top storage provider in North America with over 20PB of capacity across the U.S. and Canada.

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GenRAIT provides scientists with the platform they need to analyze genomic data, generate scientific breakthroughs, and experiment at scale, all in one unified ecosystem. In the GenRAIT ecosystem, scientists retain full autonomy and flexibility with regards to their data and analytics processes.

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