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Network Insights From Messari’s Q1 2024 Filecoin Report 

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Messari's recently released Q1 2024 Filecoin Ecosystem Report underscores key milestones for the network, including an increase in data stored on the network, wider smart contract deployment, a rise in user adoption, and more. Here are four key insights from the report.

  1. The amount of data stored on the Filecoin network continues to climb.

Data stored in active deals between clients and storage providers helps gauge demand for Filecoin storage. Between Q1 2023 and Q1 2024, total active deals grew 200% to nearly 1,900 PiB. 

  1. The number of large datasets stored on Filecoin increased in Q1

More than 2,000 clients have onboarded datasets to Filecoin, and over 500 are large dataset clients (storing datasets exceeding 1000 TiB in size). 

  1. Over 3,400 unique smart contracts deployed on Filecoin, up 26% from last quarter. 

The Ethereum-compatible Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) continues to gain traction with builders, who are utilizing FVM dapps to tap into storage primitives on Filecoin and create valuable workflows including perpetual storage, data access control, compute-over-data, data DAOs, and more. 

  1. The Filecoin ecosystem expands.

The Messari report also provides an ecosystem overview featuring the Filecoin Ecosystem Explorer, a community-powered database of projects in the network. As of March 2024, over 160 projects had submitted project details, illustrating a thriving ecosystem building on Filecoin. 

Building Community-Driven Solutions 

As the network welcomes new builders and wider adoption, Filecoin Foundation launched several working groups to support the community through shared technical expertise and collaboration. 

  • The Data Clients Working Group welcomes participants to share their data upload experiences, identify hurdles and solutions for uploading data, and discuss how the Filecoin ecosystem can support data onboarding. To join, send us a note to [email protected]. 

  • The Developer Working Group (DevWG) is open to all devs and community members to share their technical or industry experience, raise challenges for collective deliberation, advocate for developing in specific areas of the network, provide updates on projects, and develop a presence in the Filecoin governance process. Read more on the DevWG ReadMe and join the #dev-wg Slack channel to get involved. 

Network News 

Nodle integrates Filecoin to decentralize data storage. Nodle is leveraging Filecoin to enhance its data storage infrastructure’s security and reliability in pursuit of the project’s mission to democratize access to verifiable media.

Dive into DeStor with Craig Pady. In this episode of DWeb Decoded, FF's Porter Stowell sits down with Craig Pady, head of sales at DeStor. Craig shares his unlikely journey from the recording studio to decentralized storage, touching on topics including data ownership, security, and the future of the decentralized web.

Attention Filecoin Storage Providers: Introducing Curio! Designed to simplify and enhance your experience as a storage provider, Curio offers significant improvements in system redundancy, simplicity, scalability, and overall performance.

Build With Us 

See you at Consensus, May 29-31, in Austin, Texas! Find Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin ecosystem teams at events throughout the week and at Booth 1254 on the Consensus show floor, where you can use our code FilecoinC24 for 25% off your Consensus ticket. Plus, join us for a networking breakfast to unite experienced storage providers with newcomers to the Filecoin ecosystem. Don't miss the opportunity to catch the latest network advancements and foster fruitful connections with the Filecoin community. Interested in visibility opportunities? Come on board as a sponsor to host a demo or office hours at the Filecoin booth.

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Ecosystem Spotlight 

Providing next-generation decentralized cloud storage infrastructure.

Seal Storage is a top storage provider in North America, serving universities, research institutes, enterprises, and other firms.


Announcing Filecoin Improvement Proposal (FIP) one-pagers. Starting with FIP0090: Non-Interactive PoRep, the Governance team is launching clearer ways for the community to interact with FIPs via one-pagers. 

The April 30 Filecoin Plus Governance call discussed the latest on the Filecoin Plus program, Fil Dev Summit, allocator responsibilities, DataCap refresh, tooling updates, and more.