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Meet the Companies Scaling Data Onboarding

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From user-friendly mobile apps to enterprise-grade data onboarding platforms, the Filecoin ecosystem includes a range of tools designed to cater to different storage needs. Whether you prioritize perpetual archiving, data privacy, or seamless integration with Web3 applications, there's a Filecoin-based solution tailored to your requirements. 

This vibrant ecosystem empowers users to take control of their data, leveraging the power of decentralization, encryption, and robust storage optimization techniques. Here are five solutions at the forefront of onboarding data to the Filecoin network: 


Lighthouse is a perpetual data storage solution built on the Filecoin network, allowing users to make storage deals once and have their files stored permanently. Lighthouse incorporates encryption features and access control mechanisms to enhance data security and privacy.


CIDgravity streamlines deal matching and tracking while enabling direct data access between clients and storage providers in the Filecoin ecosystem. Facilitating over 42 million transactions to date, CIDgravity offers a comprehensive pricing and client management solution tailored for Filecoin storage providers.

Titan Storage 

Titan Storage is a hot data storage solution integrated with the Filecoin network, enabling users to store data using an intuitive, user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for a deep understanding of Filecoin’s mechanics. 

Ghost Drive

Now on mobile, Ghost Drive is a data storage platform prioritizing privacy and security through encryption, decentralization, and novel storage optimization techniques. 


SteelDome is a software company specializing in data storage and protection solutions. Their approach leverages software to replace traditional hardware components in data storage infrastructure. SteelDome's focus is safeguarding data against cyber threats while ensuring secure data backup and efficient recovery processes. 


Decentrally is unlocking fully verifiable data storage by providing a solution for storing and delivering large amounts of data within an S3-compatible object storage system, where its decentralized design provides enhanced privacy.

With a number of new software solutions on the rise to scale data onboarding across a wide range of storage needs, and an active community of over 8,800 founders and developers, the Filecoin network is on track to become the foremost decentralized storage infrastructure for the data economy.

Network News

Enabling a Robust Data Economy on Filecoin with Nandit Mehra. Lighthouse CEO and Co-Founder Nandit Mehra joined DWeb Decoded to discuss use cases, partnerships, and the roadmap for Lighthouse.  

TRANSFER Data Trust announced support from Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web to establish its artist-owned decentralized archive and cooperative value exchange network. The project offers a new approach to media art conservation, valuation, and governance, addressing inequities in the contemporary arts market. The nonprofit Trust aims to preserve artworks for future generations, leveraging Filecoin for distributed and redundant storage of artists’ archives. 

Tune into FF’s Core Topics series on X. On the latest episode, Protocol Labs Engineering & Research Lead Molly Mackinlay discussed the formation of FilOz, a new ecosystem team focused on the core protocol, stewardship of the Lotus implementation, and fast finality for Filecoin.

Build with us at FIL Brussels

Secure your spot for an exploration of decentralized AI, DePIN, and compute! Hear from innovators including Akash Network CEO Greg Osuri, Theoriq Head of Marketing Anjali George, Bagel Network CEO Bidhan Roy, Futurist Michael Clark, Lighthouse Founder Nandit Mehra, Filecoin Foundation Founding Officer Clara Tsao, FF’s Head of Community Porter Stowell, and more! Below is a snapshot of what to expect at FIL Brussels: 

FIL Brussels Network Base

July 8: FIL Fest, in partnership with CoinDesk Studios

Hear it here first! Catch the latest breakthroughs from reps from leading ecosystem projects in the Filecoin ecosystem as they build an in-demand open data economy.

July 9: Cloud & Compute Day

Explore Web3’s hottest sector, DePIN, and learn about the possibilities unlocked by decentralized storage and compute-over-data advancements as DePIN creates scalable alternatives to centralized players. Register for the Infra 3.0 DePIN Deep Dive to explore the latest topics and research in the realm of DePIN, decentralized cloud services, multi-party computation, decentralized RPC, and more. 

July 10: AI and Data Economy Day

Join us as we explore why data is destined to become one of the world’s largest asset classes and how decentralized data networks like Filecoin underpin the value of data — from AI agents to data marketplaces to use case-specific LLMs.

And don’t miss these major Filecoin ecosystem events: 

Filecoin Dev Summit, July 9-12

FIL Dev Summit in Brussels is a gathering of developers, builders, and engaged community members who want to contribute to the core protocol and network evolution of Filecoin. This summit is more than just a meetup — it’s a place for meaningful and impactful conversations that help push Filecoin forward. Check out the schedule and register to reserve your spot.  

Filecoin Booth @ EthCC, July 10-11

Stop by the booth at EthCC to learn more about the Filecoin vision and the latest developments for the EVM-compatible Filecoin network, and understand why storage is just the start for Filecoin. 

IPFS Camp, July 11-13

IPFS Camp is for those who want to bend the arc of the Internet to be more open, efficient, and secure. Join the IPFS community for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more — all focused on celebrating and advancing a better web. 

Ecosystem Spotlight

Glitter Protocol

Glitter Protocol is a decentralized data indexing protocol that aims to return the value of data back to users and supports devs in swiftly developing applications by facilitating the management, maintenance, and utilization of their data within a Web3-based infrastructure.


FIP0092: Non-Interactive PoRep has entered Last Call, ending on June 24. After months of deliberation, FIP0092 is in Last Call, aiming to supersede FIP0090 by removing PreCommit for CC sectors. Join the discussion