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Why Life Science Orgs Trust the Filecoin Network

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Why Life Science Orgs Trust the Filecoin Network

The Filecoin network provides the life science industry with the critical storage infrastructure it needs to give researchers better access to open data. Today, the network stores critical scientific information, like large genomic, geospatial, satellite, and climate datasets, from institutions like the University of Maryland, the University of Utah, Berkeley’s Underground Physics Group, and the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. Organizations like DeSci Labs are tackling the 'Replication Crisis' by building tools and infrastructure that make reproducible science with low barriers to access a reality. At SynBioBeta 2023, a leading synthetic biology conference, Filecoin DeStor engaged attendees about the benefits of decentralized storage and why Filecoin is an ideal data repository for federally funded research. Looking ahead, storing scientific data could open up new opportunities for healthcare researchers around the world.

How it works:

The organizations comprising the life sciences industry research, develop, and manufacture pharmaceuticals, medicine, food, and other advancements that improve human life.

One of the biggest constants of all this innovation — a lot of data. This data powers further research and development and is leveraged by scientists to generate new insights and lead to tangible results, like new, life-saving medicine.

The Filecoin network helps ensure that life science data is stored reliably and safely.

More, Filecoin’s distributed network allows life science organizations to share data scalably across communities. It also reduces the risk of data loss or failure, as information is not stored in a single, centralized location.

Zoom In:

Take GenRAIT, a life science organization entrusting the Filecoin network to host over 100 terabytes of genomics research data, making it more available for scientists and researchers to put it into action.

With an estimated 40 billion gigabytes of genomic data generated every year, scientists face two big challenges:

  • Reliably storing vast amounts of data is expensive.

  • Researchers say they are spending 80% of their time “wrangling” data and only 20% actually using it to drive innovation.

Working with the Filecoin network helps GenRAIT solve these problems.

Filecoin’s distributed storage network is substantially more cost-effective than traditional cloud storage providers, especially when it comes to storing vast amounts of data. Also, its use of content addressing allows for easy retrieval and verification of data (aka, a reduction in “data wrangling.”)

We see solutions like Filecoin as groundbreaking for scaling the storage of large data files like the human genome.

Taylor Capito, Co-founder, GenRAIT

Go Deeper:

GenRAIT is a platform that puts the data, tools, and architecture scientists need at their fingertips in order to analyze genomic information, make scientific breakthroughs, and experiment at scale.

By opening the door to wider access to genomic data, GenRAIT is unlocking the future of personalized medicine and well-being.


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