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How to Host Your No-Code Website on the Filecoin Network

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How to Host Your No-Code Website on the Filecoin Network

For any website, resilient and fast web hosting is key to creating a good user experience. Yet, many website-building platforms are walled gardens, resulting in a lack of control over site content and prolonged turnaround procedures for essential updates.

Rigid layout templates and locked-in hosting options impact designers everywhere – including at Filecoin Foundation. So, we developed a workflow to adopt Filecoin, IPFS, and Fleek to overcome these challenges.

The Solution: Filecoin & IPFS + Fleek

Enter the dynamic trio: Filecoin for decentralized storage, IPFS for cutting-edge file management, and Fleek for immutable hosting. With these three tools together, a new reality emerged: secure, decentralized web hosting.

  • Content-addressed storage with efficient file retrieval.

  • High-speed website load times.

  • No single points of failure.

Spotlight on Fleek

Fleek offers an infrastructure that's not only reliable, but also resilient against potential threats.

  • Fleek ensures websites remain online, even when some nodes are offline.

  • Fleek also enables faster content delivery thanks to IPFS content caching and proximity-based retrieval.

Power to the Designers

Using no-code platforms empowered our design team to build, letting creativity flow and putting control of page layouts directly into the hands of our team. For this step, we used Webflow and Udesley, but you can use your favorite static site builder.

The Result

By giving our non-technical marketing and design staff greater autonomy when making future modifications, we streamlined operations and ensured our digital presence aligns with our core ethos of decentralization. The integrated tech stack, combined with our no-code tools, allowed us to assume full control over our website content, improve website performance, and ensure high reliability.

Go Deeper

Read the full case study on how to build resilient, dynamic, and decentralized website hosting.

Network News

Tune into the latest episode of Dweb Decoded featuring Mike Masnick to explore how technology is reshaping our digital landscape, from the early days of the internet to the challenges and opportunities of the DWeb. Subscribe to FF’s weekly podcast on YouTube and Spotify for the latest advancements in decentralized tech and exciting projects in the ecosystem.

Learn how world-class heart research is protected by the world's largest decentralized storage network. The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is using Filecoin to safeguard and share research data while working toward a cure for heart disease. Working with Distributed Storage Solutions, a storage provider on the Filecoin network, the Institute found a highly scalable data solution for its cardiac research data. Today, more than 125 TiBs of research are stored on Filecoin. Read the full case study.

Thanks to the more than 650 people who joined us last weekend to learn about Filecoin at FIL Jakarta, hosted by MetaPals! September 2-3, community members learned about the history of crypto, participated in storage provider workshops, received an introduction to the Filecoin Virtual Machine, and more, as they explored the Filecoin ecosystem in the biggest Filecoin event in Asia this year. Check out our previous newsletter for upcoming events near you.

Help push Filecoin forward at FIL Dev Summit. Join a gathering of developers, builders, and engaged community members contributing to the core protocol and network evolution over a wide range of topics, from protocol scalability and network improvements to the intricacies of data onboarding and governance structures. Apply to attend in Singapore, Iceland, or both.

Don't miss FIL Vegas, October 3-5, the flagship Filecoin community event in North America in 2023, where we're building data storage infrastructure for an AI-centric future. We’re shining the spotlight on storage providers, the backbone of the Filecoin network. And we’re focusing on the importance of data integrity in the world of artificial intelligence, the value proposition of decentralized storage and proof of storage, and how decentralized storage provides a more equitable and reliable solution for the massive datasets that underpin networks – offering unparalleled resilience, scale, and cost savings.

Build With Us

Thanks for joining us at the Chainlink x Filecoin Meetup at RMIT in Melbourne! More than 50 builders came out to workshops and deep dives into data management and decentralized technology, including a discussion on decentralized Compute over Data, a new use case unlocked by FVM. For more about the future of Web3 cross-chain protocols, computation, and AI, check out the August 21 Lilypad project report and get the presentation slides.

Interested in becoming a storage provider, or not sure where to start? Join us for "Zero to One," a discussion series organized to help new and aspiring storage providers understand the fundamentals and guide them from the initial stages of entering the ecosystem to becoming fully operational providers. As the ecosystem is continually evolving, Zero to One is your best stop for valuable insights, strategies, and expert advice in your journey toward becoming efficient and reliable contributors to the Filecoin network. Register now.

Ready to unlock the full potential of data storage? Apply to DSPA-Asia! The Decentralized Storage Provider Accelerator-Asia is a six-month program designed to empower storage providers in Asia and provide the opportunity to expand their business, accelerate growth, and shape the future of decentralized storage. Apply for the next cohort.

Make sure you're registered for these upcoming Filecoin Hackathons!

  • ETHGlobal NYC, September 22-24. Reimagine a decentralized future with some of the most skilled Web3 developers, designers, and product builders.

  • ETHOnline, October 6-27. This online hackathon includes a series of summits celebrating some of the most important moments in Web3 over the last year.

  • ETHGlobal Istanbul, November 17-19. Join builders from all around the globe for an in-person weekend hackathon right after Devconnect 2023.

Do you have an idea for pushing the Filecoin ecosystem forward? Visit the Open Developer Grants GitHub to learn more about the available opportunities in our four featured categories:

  • Developer and Data Tooling: Projects that close important experience gaps for developers or large dataset users.

  • Applications: Projects that apply Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies in novel ways to solve meaningful, real-world problems.

  • Integrations: Projects that add integration or support for Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies into popular, or fast-growing existing tools and developer communities in Web2 or Web3.

  • Research and Protocols: Projects aimed at improving the foundations of Filecoin, IPFS, and related technologies.


ICYMI: The FIP0001v2 Initiative has begun. The initiative is a collective effort to focus community needs and coordinate resources toward improvements in Filecoin governance. Three improvement areas have been identified: FIP process enhancements, crowdsourced community values, and tooling. Check out the FIPs discussion on GitHub for more information.

As part of this process, the FF governance team is hosting in-person workshops and discussions at the FIL Dev Summit for FIP0001v2 feedback:

  • Community and Governance Track 1 (Singapore, September 12-14)

  • Community and Governance Track 2 (Iceland, September 25-27)

The nv21 Watermelon upgrade will arrive on Mainnet on November 7, and all FIPs will enter Last Call by September 15.