Your Guide to FIL Paris

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Your Guide to FIL Paris

Heading to Paris for EthCC? Here’s your all-access guide to everything the Filecoin community has going on across town next week.

First - make sure you’re registered for the FIL Paris Network Base, hosted by Filecoin Foundation. The Base is your hub for networking, coworking, workshops, and the world’s best swag (Hint: How do you say Biscuit in French?). Taking place on Le Son de la Terre, along the River Seine, the Network Base is open July 18-20, from 9 am to 10 pm. Register to reserve your spot. And scroll down for more Filecoin community events happening throughout the week.

Getting there

The Filecoin Network Base and much of FIL Paris programming this year will be anchored on the Le Son De La Terre, a massive houseboat docked on the River Seine. Remember that to get to it you will need to walk down the stairs off of Pont de l'Archevêché.

The stairs off Pont de l'Archevêché and the venue itself offer ramp access, and there’s an elevator between decks onboard.

Register to attend the sixth edition of Funding the Commons –– your chance to shape the future of public goods. Expand your thinking and build on new connections as we incorporate open-space technology and other unconference-style programming alongside inspiring keynotes and engaging panel discussions.

Launchpad is a blend of two key components: a dynamic four-week virtual learning cohort, where residents actively participate in remote learning seminars, and an unforgettable one-week in-person “colo” Summit. These summits comprise interactive presentations, technology deep dives, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Unlock the future of data storage at Filecoin Unleashed in Paris! Immerse yourself in captivating discussions, gain exclusive insights, and connect with the Filecoin community as we revolutionize the open data economy.

Proof of Space days is a gathering of cryptographers and Web3 researchers to share knowledge on Proof of Space topics. We'll have talks and workshops to collaborate, share ideas, and onboard new researchers into this field.

A new class of Web3 dApp potential is waiting for you to discover at Filecoin Builders Day. No matter your experience level, get a headstart on the next phase of the Filecoin network by becoming an expert in FVM, and discover why distributed compute is the next frontier for the Filecoin ecosystem. Experience hands-on workshops and walkthroughs and learn what comes next for network builders and Web3 development with ecosystem leaders, including a closing keynote from Founder and CEO of Protocol Labs Juan Benet.

Check the FIL Paris website for the most updated schedule and links to register for all events.

Three reasons why you should connect with the Filecoin community at FIL Paris:

A Springboard for DWeb Collaboration 

Paris is a nexus of transformation, and for one very special week each year in July, EthCC attracts hundreds of speakers to even more side events, networking opps, and meetups around town. Thousands of Filecoin ecosystem participants – developers, storage providers, and data clients – have already signed up for Filecoin community events throughout the week, and thousands more from other layer-one protocols will there, too. You don’t want to miss this moment to find your next project partner.

A Place to Harness the Power of Innovation

Celebrate this year’s milestones with us. Hear from the FVM and Lilypad teams leading workshops on the latest technical topics and our project partners unveiling fresh opportunities across the Filecoin Network.

An Opportunity to Expand Your Network

Immerse yourself in the city synonymous with progress. Network with founders, storage providers, and developers sharing how they helped Filecoin grow into the largest decentralized storage network globally. FIL Paris is your comprehensive guide to the best Filecoin community programming – happening at one time, in one remarkable place

FIL Paris comprises every Protocol Labs and Filecoin Foundation event from July 15 - 21.

We hope you'll join fellow founders, storage providers, developers, and more as they share stories of their progress so far and look forward to the future of the Filecoin community. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions, or check out the agenda for more information.

Network News

On a recent episode of The Decentralists, Filecoin Foundation Senior Fellow Danny O’Brien and Ethan Zuckerman, a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, discussed the future of digital public infrastructure and how communities can govern their digital space. Check out the recap on the Filecoin Foundation blog and tune in live to the next episode, July 28, about protecting the commons with Evan Miyazano from Protocol Labs.

Learn how universities are using Filecoin and other Web3 technologies to protect and democratize access to data in Cointelegraph, featuring an interview with FF’s Danny O'Brien.

Get the July 3 Lilypad Project Report for all the latest updates on benchmarking EVM-compatible chains, progress on the Lilypad whitepaper, building out a testnet, and where to find the team in Paris!

Watch the demo days for Elevate and Cronos Labs. Elevate Public Demo Days for IPFS Base Camp took place on Thursday, July 6, in partnership with Outlier Ventures. If you want to learn more about the teams in this cohort, check out the recording. The Cronos Labs Accelerator Program Demo Days will take place on Wednesday, July 26. Register for the livestream.

Come Build With Us

Check in with the winning projects from HackFS. Over 840 hackers submitted more than 200 projects dedicated to finding solutions that improved File Systems. Learn more.

Do you have an idea for pushing the Filecoin ecosystem forward? Visit the Open Developer Grants GitHub to learn more about the available opportunities in our four featured categories:

  • Developer and Data Tooling: Projects that close important experience gaps for developers or large dataset users.

  • Applications: Projects that apply Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies in novel ways to solve meaningful, real-world problems.

  • Integrations: Projects that add integration or support for Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies into popular, or fast-growing existing tools and developer communities in Web2 or Web3.

  • Research and Protocols: Projects aimed at improving the foundations of Filecoin, IPFS, and related technologies.


The Filecoin Foundation team is finalizing a community proposal for scaling the FIPs process. This work, referred to as the ‘FIP0001v2 Initiative’, is a three-pronged approach to making the FIPs process more secure, accountable, and community-driven.

For more information, register for the upcoming Filecoin Community Governance Calls. The next one will be held July 31.

The team is also working across the Filecoin ecosystem to coordinate a timeline for the upgrade to Filecoin Network v21. Details will be confirmed in the #FIL-network-announcements Slack channel.