Empowering a Web3 World

The Upload V2

Welcome to the Filecoin Foundation newsletter, where we cover big ideas and news about the Filecoin ecosystem and the decentralized web. Today’s edition explores the Web3 boom in Asia, and how you can see us
at FIL-Singapore.

The Big File

Filecoin Foundation’s mission is to store humanity’s most important information by growing and fostering the Filecoin ecosystem – and we’re thrilled to support hundreds of ecosystem projects around the world. The ecosystem’s reach can be seen at just a few of our recent events, spanning hemispheres, including in:

  • 🌿 Mendocino Coast, California, where Filecoin sponsored Dweb Camp 2022 Aug. 24-28 beneath the redwoods, with speeches from Juan Benet on negatively priced storage and Marta Belcher on the mission of Filecoin Foundation.

  • 🏙️ New York City, where this week Filecoin Foundation is sponsoring Unfinished Live 2022, a Sept. 21-24 festival convening technologists, journalists, thought leaders, artists, and others to discuss how to build a more equitable and sustainable future leveraging technology.

  • 💾 Singapore, where FIL-Singapore will convene the largest in-person gathering of the Filecoin community in Asia to date, from Sept. 26-27, with meetups, a hackathon, networking, and more at the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Resort.

It’s no surprise that some of the Filecoin community’s most exciting events are happening in Asia, with more than 600 blockchain companies headquartered in the vibrant Southeast Asia crypto scene alone, according to a TechCrunch report.

We are looking forward to working with community members, from storage providers to ecosystem teams, throughout Asia to continue empowering a Web3 world. And we hope you will join us at #FILSingapore Sept. 26-27 — use promo code FFVIP for free registration!

The Event File

See what’s coming up and follow our full programming lineup here.

File it away - Save the date! We’ll head to Portugal for FIL Lisbon and Web Summit 2023 from Oct. 30-Nov.4. Overview of more events onsite:

  • October 24 - 28: PL Lab Week - The Protocol Labs Network is gathering in Lisbon for our first ever decentralized conference. Teams in the network will hold events on a variety of topics, including decentralized storage, public goods funding, cryptoeconomics, DeSci, and more.

  • October 28 - 30: IPFS Camp - IPFS Camp is a gathering for the entire IPFS community: devs, operators, implementers, researchers – and you! Join us for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more, all focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS.

  • October 30: FIL Lisbon Opening Party, presented by by Filecoin Foundation

  • October 31 - November 1: FIL Lisbon Main Stage Days, presented by Filecoin Foundation. Main Stage is a two-day event with insightful talks from top-notch speakers, panel discussions from the world's foremost Filecoin ecosystem participants and Web3 co-builders.

  • October 24 - November 4: FIL Lisbon Hacker House, sponsored by Filecoin Foundation.

  • November 1 - 4: Web Summit, sponsored by Filecoin Foundation.

From the FIL-ing Cabinet

Discover news from across the Filecoin ecosystem.

The Fil+ Enterprise Working Group is up and running

Storage providers can apply to join the working group, which meets regularly with more than 25 members, to design community governance models around client DataCap allocation enhancements, service level expectations, designating a lead storage provider, and more. 

More than 120 teams signed up for the FIL-Singapore

The Web3 Infinity Hackathondrew over 120 submissions from more than 570 registrants. The eight-week global event awarded over $100,000 in prize money to top projects building on IPFS.

Credly, the first-place winner, is a community NFT-as-a-service platform powered by IPFS and Filecoin, providing an easy way for Web3 communities to launch
engagement NFTs.

Come BUIDL With Us

Learn about the latest in Filecoin grants.

 Filecoin Foundation and Blockchain Law for Social Good Center accelerate Web3 education

This month, FF announced its award to the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center to create the Filecoin Foundation Blockchain Academy Lab (the Lab). The Lab will create opportunities for students and others to learn about decentralized storage, technologies behind Web3, and the next generation of the internet. The Filecoin Foundation Blockchain Academy Lab will host meetups, various trainings, and other events that broaden the understanding of open and decentralized technologies, and how they can be harnessed for good. Learn more.

Check out new Filecoin Virtual Machine projects unlocking smart contract programmability

A few recent projects creating new FVM tools and services include Zondax, Polyphene, IPFSForce, and Yatima. Learn more about new FVM projects.

Community Governance

Updates on Filecoin Improvement Proposals (FIPs)

FIP0036: Establishes incentivization to storage providers that commit to longer-term deal sectors. Read more about this FIP on our blog.

FIP0044: Allows Filecoin to authenticate more types of messages, including those that come from user-defined smart contracts.

FIP0045: Enables Filecoin Plus DataCap allocations to be distributed without relying on the existing Filecoin market actor.

FIP0047: Introduces a policy and enforcement mechanism for handling hypothetical security vulnerabilities in the Filecoin cryptographic proof system.

The above FIPs are currently in ‘Last Call’ and are open for final community feedback!

FIPs 0044, 0045, and 0047 are standard technical FIPs. Community members are encouraged to visit the Governance Forum in order to participate.

FIP0036 is a cryptoeconomic FIP which community members are allowed to vote on. To learn more about voting during ‘Last Call’, please review the governance documentation.