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Discover the New Filecoin Ecosystem Explorer

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Filecoin is the world's largest decentralized storage network, with an ecosystem that includes upwards of 15,000 GitHub contributors and more than 3,000 projects built on Filecoin and IPFS. Now, with the launch of Filecoin Foundation’s Filecoin Ecosystem Explorer, it's easier than ever to discover these projects in our ecosystem and learn more about the teams building them! The Filecoin ecosystem is so much bigger than any one team or one project – it’s an open-source community of thousands, all committed to a decentralized storage architecture for the web. 

Unlocking the Breadth of the Ecosystem 

From storage, tooling, and productivity, to artificial intelligence, public goods, and gaming, the Filecoin network and its builders are working to solve significant challenges and innovate across industries. 

Take some time to explore the site! Here are just a few of the projects to get you started: 

  1. Democracy’s Library - This initiative from the Internet Archive is a free, open collection of government data that will ensure that government research and publications from around the world remain permanently accessible to the public. To date, Democracy’s Library has uploaded more than one petabyte of material to the Filecoin network, including information from the “End of Term Crawl” that captures and saves U.S. government websites at the end of presidential administrations.

  2. Huddle01 - Looking for a decentralized alternative to Zoom? Huddle01 is a decentralized, real-time communication network with live audio and video software development kit (SDK) for the web and mobile. This forward-thinking Web3 video conferencing platform enables cross-chain audio and video communication between users and includes features such as wallet sign-ins, token-gating, NFT avatars, and digital identities. 

  3. Fleek -  lets users host websites, store and deliver files, and develop dapps for the decentralized web. The platform provides user-friendly tools and services that enable users to implement decentralized website hosting with increased reliability and data integrity without technical complexities.

  4. Starling Lab - The Starling Lab is the academic research lab innovating with the latest cryptographic methods and decentralized web protocols to meet the technical and ethical challenges of establishing trust in our most sensitive digital records. The lab is using Filecoin to preserve the USC Shoah Foundation's archive of genocide testimonies and document the war crimes in Ukraine.

Building Together 

The Ecosystem Explorer is a crowd-sourced database. Thank you to everyone in the community who has pitched in so far to showcase their work. This database is a community effort designed to evolve with the network's dynamic growth and provide a convenient hub for ecosystem builders. Are you building on Filecoin? Add or update your project today

Network News 

Speakers Announced for the Filecoin Sanctuary in Davos!

Filecoin Foundation is returning to Davos, January 15-18, to host the Filecoin Sanctuary, brought to you by CNBC. We’re featuring some of the world's brightest minds across business and government on our main stage. 

Hear from leading experts:

  • Jimmy Wales, Co-founder, Wikipedia

  • Meredith Whittaker, President, Signal

  • Marta Belcher, President, Filecoin Foundation

  • Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple

  • Lila Ibrahim, Chief Operating Officer, Google DeepMind

  • Sara Sabry, Founder and CEO, Deep Space Initiative

Program highlights:

The Internet is Broken. These Tech Leaders Have Ideas to Fix It.

A growing number of tech leaders and innovators warn about the power of Big Tech firms and believe the current state of the internet is broken. 

The Next Frontier in Space 

We’ll explore how decentralized technologies can be the backbone of communications infrastructure for the emerging space economy.  

Using AI, Blockchain, and Predictive Modeling to Protect our Planet 

Discover the potential of blockchain, AI, and machine learning in addressing climate challenges. 

How Web3 Tools Protect and Promote Human Rights

We share real-world examples of decentralized tools being used by activists and journalists to defend human rights, on the ground and in the courtroom. 

Regulating Emerging Technologies 

This session will convene leading figures from across the technology and public policy landscape to lay out a sustainable path forward for regulating emerging technologies. 

AI and Data's Intrinsic Value with Michael Clark

On the latest episode of DWeb Decoded, futurist and author Michael Clark and FF’s Porter Stowell discuss how data is emerging as a new currency and asset class. Learn how you can take ownership and control of your data, and the implications of data management for business, government, and society.

Build With Us 

Don't miss FFDW’s inaugural Social Impact Summit on February 27. Hosted by the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, the summit explores how decentralized and emerging technologies can be leveraged for social good across industries and use cases with experts in law, policy, tech, and human rights. The program will take place in person and online. Register now. 

See you at ETHDenver! Filecoin Foundation will return to ETHDenver in 2024, February 28 - March 3, to spotlight the Filecoin ecosystem, provide demos, and host talks on the latest network advancements for developers. Find us on the show floor and fill out this form if you are interested in giving a talk or demo at the Filecoin Foundation booth.

Don't miss our upcoming Orbit community events! Join Filecoin Orbit Kenya on January 27 for an FVM workshop, and Filecoin Orbit Kolkata on February 24 for an FVM Meetup gathering Filecoin and Web3 enthusiasts to connect and deploy their first smart contract on the FVM – no coding experience necessary. 


Governance planning for the NV22 Network Upgrade has begun. Read more about what to expect for its scope and timeline on GitHub. 

Applications for the upcoming v5 Notary Allocator Election close January 20. As stewards of the Filecoin Plus program, allocators (notaries) help protect the network's integrity and growth. Learn more about the application process and what to expect next on GitHub