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Connect with the Filecoin Community at ETHDenver

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The Filecoin community is a vibrant mix of people and projects working together to realize the promise of the decentralized web. Next week, the community is heading to ETHDenver, where you can expect to see the latest work across the Filecoin network. 

Last year at ETHDenver, we celebrated the announcement of the Ethereum-compatible Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), a runtime environment for smart contracts on the Filecoin network, bringing user programmability to Filecoin and unleashing the enormous potential of an open data economy. And adding functionality to decentralized storage on a programmable Web3 platform was just the beginning. 

In 2024, we're heading back to ETHDenver to build on that spirit of growth with more organizations, teams, and opportunities than ever before. From February 28 to March 3, we invite you to connect with the Filecoin Foundation team, learn about the latest network advancements for developers, and BUIDL with us.

Filecoin Booth #204 in Devtopia, Hosted by Filecoin Foundation

February 28 - March 3

Join us for talks and demos including: 

February 29

  • Fighting AI-Generated Media with ZK Rollups with Garrett Kinsman, Co-founder of Nodle

  • The Economics of Decentralized Compute with Tom Trowbridge, Co-founder of Fluence Labs

  • It's Time for the Data Layer with Carson Farmer, Research Lead at Textile

  • Crash Course to Getting Started with InterPlanetary Consensus! with Sarah Thiam Jia Hui, Protocol Labs

March 1

  • All About GLIF with Jonathan Schwartz, Founder & CEO of GLIF

  • Programmability on Data Storage with Lighthouse's RAAS Worker Model with Nandit Mehra, Founder of Lighthouse.storage

  • From Web2 to Filecoin: Simplifying Data Migration with Singularity S3 with Xinan Xu, Protocol Labs

March 2

  • A Brief History of Decentralization, Storage, and the Universe with Danny O’Brien, Senior Fellow & DWeb Strategy at Filecoin Foundation

  • Decentralizing the Cloud with Claudia Richoux, Founder & CEO of Banyan

  • Filecoin, FVM, and AI with Yan Bo Ng, Solution Architect at Filecoin Foundation

Plus, don't miss FF’s Clara Tsao give a talk on Filecoin & AI: Building the Next Generation of Data Storage, Saturday, March 2, on the Neptune Stage at ETHDenver.

Can’t-miss events:

DE:PIN DAY @ETHDenver, Hosted by Fluence, February 27

Join Web3 infra leaders, researchers, and developers for an insightful exploration of the latest research and technological advancements on diverse topics, including multi-party computation, decentralized RPC, distributed systems, and other best practices and tools of decentralized physical infrastructure.

FIL Dev Summit — ETHDenver, February 29

FIL Dev Summit at ETHDenver 2024 is a gathering of developers, builders, and engaged community members who want to contribute to the core protocol and network evolution of Filecoin. This summit is more than just a meetup — it’s a place for meaningful and impactful conversations that help push Filecoin forward. Check out the full schedule, packed with a diverse range of sessions that cater to every aspect of Filecoin development and innovation. 

libp2p Day, February 29

​libp2p Day will bring together developers, researchers, and engaged community members focused on pushing the boundaries of decentralized peer-to-peer networks. This event is where we will dig into turning nuts-and-bolts solutions and cutting-edge research into a usable and robust peer-to-peer networking library for our mobile and ad hoc internet of today.

Proof of Data Summit, Hosted by Ceramic and Tableland, March 1 

Redefine the landscape of data management in the decentralized era. This summit is a pivotal gathering of visionaries, innovators, and leaders at the forefront of DePIN, decentralized AI, and compute over data, as well as reputation and identity. Come explore the vital role of decentralized data management in empowering communities and shaping a collaborative digital future. 

Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase and Happy Hour, Hosted by Filecoin Orbit, March 1 

Build network knowledge and new connections. Immerse yourself in the Filecoin ecosystem and learn from the brightest minds in the industry with like-minded community members. 

Build with Us

Calling all builders! The Data Economy Hack is here. Full of epic challenges and prizes, this six-week virtual hackathon brings together some of the most innovative builders in Web3 to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the open data revolution. 

Hackers wanted! Filecoin Orbit has a new ETHDenver bounty to build an app to track and reward the activities of the Filecoin Orbit ambassador program, in the form of NFT “achievements” and associated ERC20 token reward points.

Network News 

Introducing the Developer Working Group: Connect with developers, researchers, and community members interested in developing new tools, technologies, and use cases that leverage the Filecoin protocol. The Developer Working Group is a self-governed, self-maintained community body hosting discussions, coordination activities, and other initiatives at the sole discretion of active working group members. The kick-off call will take place on February 29!

Check out our new series, Fresh from FF, which features the latest updates from the Filecoin Foundation team. Fresh from FF is a biweekly series dedicated to sharing the latest information about the Foundation's ongoing efforts to support our incredible community.

Decentralization, Digital Rights, and the Future of the Internet with Cory Doctorow: In this episode of DWeb Decoded, we sit down with Cory Doctorow, renowned science fiction author, journalist, and advocate for a free and open internet. We delve into the intricacies of digital publishing, the challenges and opportunities of decentralization, and the vital role of adversarial interoperability in shaping the future of the web.

ICYMI: Solana integrates with Filecoin. This collaboration leverages Filecoin's robust decentralized storage capabilities to enhance Solana's reliability and scalability. Facilitating data redundancy, scalability, and improved security, the integration will make Solana's block history more accessible and user-friendly for anyone requiring access to historical blockchain data. 


The countdown is on to the Social Impact Summit, co-hosted by Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web and Blockchain Law for Social Good Center. Tune in to hear leading voices across human rights, law, policy, and technology, and discover real-world examples of how decentralized technology can catalyze societal change. Can’t make it in person to the event? Join virtually! 

Ecosystem Spotlight 

Fleek ​​allows users to host websites, store and deliver files, and develop dapps for the decentralized web. The platform provides user-friendly tools and services that enable users to implement decentralized website hosting with increased reliability and data integrity without technical complexities. Fleek leverages IPFS to let users deploy websites without needing to store anything on their own server or with centralized web hosting services, providing automatic archiving on Filecoin (at no extra cost).


Check out the latest 2024 upgrade schedule! ICYMI - the Filecoin network is set for a significant milestone with the upcoming nv22 Dragon Upgrade. For detailed insights, community discussions, and information about future upgrades, join the conversation in the governance Github