Au Revoir Paris – Hello Vegas!

The Upload V18

Au Revoir Paris ✌️

The Filecoin community convened at the FIL Paris Network Base last month, alongside Filecoin Unleashed, and other great programming held in parallel with EthCC. Representatives from Filecoin Foundation took the stage at events around town to highlight the projects we’re working on and the problems we’re aiming to solve with decentralized technology.

Developers Flocked to the Network Base 🤝

Representatives from across the Filecoin ecosystem hopped on the Builders Day Stage at FF’s FIL Paris Network Base to talk about some of the biggest breakthroughs and advancements happening in the ecosystem.

Protocol Labs Head of Engineering, Product & Research Development Molly Mackinlay highlighted what she calls the top 3 biggest breakthroughs of 2023:

  • Breakthrough 1: Retrievals and Data Accessibility
    Humans are producing an explosion of information, stored in data centers across the globe. But what use is data if it cannot be efficiently retrieved and accessed?
    Why it's important: The speed and efficiency of data retrieval directly impact research and innovation across industries. From healthcare to finance, timely data access can mean the difference between a breakthrough discovery and a missed opportunity. The Filecoin network’s emphasis on retrievals ensures that data isn't just stored but is actively available for transformative purposes.

  • Breakthrough 2: Programmable Compute
    The ability to compute and develop applications using stored data unlocks its true potential.
    Why it's important: The introduction of the FVM has opened the doors to a range of applications, from decentralized science to advanced storage solutions.

  • Breakthrough 3: Global Scalability
    Interplanetary consensus (IPC) offers hierarchical scalability for Filecoin via subnets. While still in its early stages, IPC brings forward a future of enhanced transaction speeds and efficiency. This scalability is crucial for industries like gaming, where every interaction could potentially be a blockchain transaction.
    Why it's important: For any technology to be truly revolutionary, it must scale.

Check out Molly’s slide deck and her full talk.

Filecoin Foundation Developer Relationships Engineer and Lilypad Project Manager Ally Haire delivered a presentation on the future of decentralized compute.

The Lilypad network aims to develop a trustless, distributed compute network that enables internet-scale data processing, AI, ML, and other computation from blockchains, while unleashing idle processing power and unlocking a new wave of data economies. Watch Ally’s presentation. And check out the Lilypad v1 Testnet! Learn more in the latest Lilypad project report.

Storage Providers and Developers Took the Stage

Attendees heard the latest insights for storage providers from and Filecoin SP DCENT, followed by a line-up of innovative startups that utilize Filecoin and IPFS in their operations. This impressive list included Ocean Protocol, Blockless, OkContract, Fluence, Tableland, and Zondax!

Filecoin Fall

Filecoin Fall is in full swing. Check out our full slate of community events.

On September 2, connect with Filecoin builders at FIL Jakarta, hosted by Metapals, and explore the latest in web3 and gaming. September 6-7, check out the FIL Seoul Network Base during Korea Blockchain Week.

And save the date FIL Vegas, the first major FIL-City event in North America in 2023, hosted by Filecoin Foundation.

The new era for Filecoin is marked by clients that recognize the unique value of the network and an ecosystem that works together to support this accelerated level of growth. Our main stage will emphasize the critical role of data integrity in the world of artificial intelligence.

Workshops and Community Engagement:

Apart from the main stage AI discourse, we're offering a variety of workshops designed for prospective clients, storage providers, developers, and ecosystem partners. Our goal? To provide avenues for deeper engagement and learning within the Filecoin community.

FIL Vegas isn't just an event; it's a vision. By vividly painting the future of Filecoin and the opportunities within reach, we aim to rally both new and existing ecosystem partners.

Network News

Congrats to Starling Lab for being nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media for “The DJ and the War Crimes"! Learn more about how they used the Filecoin network to preserve history in our earlier edition of The Upload.

Join SBS-Earth! The inaugural virtual Sustainable Blockchain Summit is where technology meets sustainability in a groundbreaking digital experience. This pioneering event unites industry leaders, innovators, and sustainability enthusiasts to explore the power of blockchain in promoting a greener and more equitable world.

Check-in on project Demo Days, including CV Labs Batch 5, Outlier Ventures Elevate for the inaugural FVM accelerator, and the Cronos Cohort 2.

Build with Us

Thanks to the 60+ Filecoin project submissions at ETHGlobal Paris! Check in with the winners.

Don't miss the upcoming Filecoin Hackathons!

  • Open Data Hack, August 30th to 20th September. This 3-week long hackathon with Encode brings together like-minded builders passionate about building the open data economy.

  • ETHGlobal NYC, September 22nd to September 24th.

  • ETHIstanbul, November 17th to October 19th.

Do you have an idea for pushing the Filecoin ecosystem forward? Visit the Open Developer Grants GitHub to learn more about the available opportunities in our four featured categories:

  • Developer and Data Tooling: Projects that close important experience gaps for developers or large dataset users.

  • Applications: Projects that apply Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies in novel ways to solve meaningful, real-world problems.

  • Integrations: Projects that add integration or support for Filecoin, IPFS, or related technologies into popular, or fast-growing existing tools and developer communities in Web2 or Web3.

  • Research and Protocols: Projects aimed at improving the foundations of Filecoin, IPFS, and related technologies.


The nv21 Watermelon upgrade will arrive on Mainnet on November 7, and all FIPs will enter Last Call by September 15.