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Announcing Speakers & Agenda for FIL Brussels

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FIL Brussels, hosted alongside EthCC, is the Filecoin community’s most comprehensive dive into the future of the network of 2024. This isn't just another conference – it's a three-day gathering where the brightest minds in decentralized AI, data economy trailblazers, and Filecoin innovators convene!

As we count down the days until FIL Brussels, let's dive into some of the topics shaping the future of the network and where you can learn more: 

Schedule Highlights 

FIL Fest, in partnership with CoinDesk Studios

Hear it here first! Catch the latest breakthroughs from reps from leading ecosystem projects in the Filecoin ecosystem as they build an in-demand, open data economy.

Cloud & Compute Day

Hosted by Impossible Cloud Network and Pokt Network, dive into how decentralized data networks like Filecoin are redefining the value of data assets in the digital economy. Register for the Infra 3.0 DePIN Deep Dive to explore the latest topics and research in DePIN, decentralized cloud services, multi-party computation, decentralized RPC, and more.

AI and the Data Economy Day 

Join experts from SingularityNET, Bagel, Nuklai, Hyperbolic, Akave, Theoriq, and more as they explore the intersection of decentralized storage, AI, and compute –– and how, with the rise of AI, data will become one of the largest digital assets on the planet.    

Filecoin Booth @ EthCC

Discover the latest advancements in the EVM-compatible Filecoin network and its expanding capabilities beyond storage. 

FIL Dev Summit 

Connect with developers, innovators, and contributors from across the Filecoin community to dive deep into the future of decentralized storage technology. 

IPFS Camp 

Are you interested in building a more open, efficient, and secure internet? This event is organized by thematic tracks and inspired by both the in-depth conversations and the unbounded energy of past IPFS gatherings.

Three Reasons to Attend  FIL Brussels

Learn About the Data Economy in the Age of AI

Data fuels every sector of our global economy. Explore how Filecoin is a crucial tool for data provenance, authenticity, and verifiability in the evolving digital landscape.

Explore a New Paradigm

Meet with the teams at the cutting edge of the new age of data, and learn how the Filecoin network equips developers and storage providers for success in the data economy.

Connect with Industry Leaders 

Celebrate the ecosystem's milestones and announcements with us. Hear from experts in data storage making a big impact in the Filecoin ecosystem.

FIL Brussels offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow founders, storage providers, developers, and thought leaders as we chart the course for the next phase of Filecoin's growth and impact. See you in Brussels!

Network News

Fostering the Future of the Internet with Megan Klimen. Filecoin Foundation Founding Officer Megan Klimen discusses the importance of open data and the role of Filecoin in creating a decentralized and open-source infrastructure for scientific innovation. Megan also explains the role of Filecoin Foundation in supporting the ecosystem.

Preserving Human Rights Data with the Filecoin Network. From documenting human rights abuses to promoting accountability and justice, data is the backbone of truth in our collective memory. Read the guest post by HRDAG Director of Research Patrick Ball about the organization’s journey into the decentralized web. 

Build With Us

Announcing the data onboarding RFP. The Developer Grants program supports teams building paid products targeted at embedding Filecoin into the broader Web3 community as a core infrastructure for critical use cases. Applications can range from making Filecoin the default storage layer for compute use cases, to helping scale the archiving requirements for data availability layers and L1s, to positioning Filecoin as the home for decentralized social networks. Learn more.  

Register for the ETHGlobal Brussels Hackathon, July 12-14, and build on Filecoin! $20,000 in prizes are available in the Filecoin track for the categories of data apps, AI tools, and privacy tools. 

Ecosystem Spotlight

Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG)

HRDAG turns raw data into analysis used by UN missions, truth commissions, small and large human rights groups, and criminal prosecutions for war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Engage in and contribute to the development of FIPs by participating in FF's monthly community governance calls, and by exploring Metropolis, a nonbinding sentiment check tool for the Filecoin community.