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10+ Tools for Filecoin Storage Providers

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10+ Tools for Filecoin Storage Providers

For current and aspiring storage providers, the Filecoin ecosystem offers tools, services, and platforms designed to streamline operations and enhance service offerings.

As we gear up for FIL Vegas, Oct. 3-5, we’re sharing a look at the emerging landscape of storage provider (SP) services and tools and what to expect at next month’s event. Still need to register? Secure your spot for FIL Vegas now.

Storage Provider Services Landscape

The beauty of the Filecoin ecosystem is that you don't have to work alone. Let's explore the vast array of "as-a-service" offerings.

Sales / Business Development-as-a-Service

Engaging with potential clients and expanding your user base is crucial. Companies like Distributed Storage Solutions, PiKNiK, and Seal Storage offer marketing and selling storage solutions. By leveraging their expertise, you can focus on your core storage offerings while they handle client acquisition and relationship management.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Building and maintaining infrastructure can be resource-intensive. IaaS providers like Servers.com and Bitmain offer robust infrastructure solutions tailored for the Filecoin network. Whether you're looking for data preparation tools or specialized storage servers, these platforms have you covered.


Sealing is a nuanced process in the Filecoin ecosystem, but you can use specialized services like Aligned to handle the technicalities of sealing, allowing you to focus on storage and retrieval.


Software solutions can significantly enhance user experience and operational efficiency. Companies like Holon, Steeldome, and GhostDrive offer software tools, such as a consumer user interface, data recovery, protection, and optimization. And the Filecoin REST API provides clear documentation for the S3 gateway.

Client Services

The Filecoin Client Explorer offers insights and analytics into the active clients using the Filecoin network. On it, you’ll find case studies covering how clients across industries – including media, life science, and research – use decentralized storage.

Partnerships and Alliances

Filecoin Foundation collaborates with industry leaders, including EY and AMD, to support the Filecoin ecosystem. And being a part of coalitions such as the Decentralized Storage Alliance amplifies the Foundation's connection to experts from top software, hardware, and infrastructure providers, while building a clear path toward enterprise adoption of decentralized storage.

What's happening at FIL Vegas

Expert guidance on how to navigate the AI mega-trend

Exponentially evolving datasets are the backbone of artificial intelligence and its applications. In fact, data dictates AI’s future:

  • Low-integrity data yields faulty AI models, leading to subpar or harmful applications.

  • High-quality data ensures reliable AI models, driving valuable applications.

AI companies and major organizations using AI services may soon be required to demonstrate the integrity of the data source used to populate their models. At FIL Vegas, you will get high-level context around AI and data integrity from operators at companies like Scale AI, AI Guardian, and more.

Don’t miss Vijay Karunamurthy, Field CTO of Scale AI, who will deliver a keynote on the main stage. Scale AI is the preferred GPT 3.5 fine-tuning partner of OpenAI and works with customers ranging from generative AI startups, like Stability AI and Character AI, to major enterprises, like Meta and Microsoft.

Chris Hackney, CEO of AI Guardian, will deliver a keynote on how governance, risk, and compliance impact AI data integrity for enterprises.

For a deeper look at how AI companies think about the future of decentralized storage and how they intersect with the Filecoin Network, join us at FIL Vegas.

Network News

With support from Filecoin Foundation, the UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator and Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) announced a joint initiative, Food for Crisis, to raise, track, and trace donor funds using Web3 technologies. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology to improve the delivery of humanitarian support, Food for Crisis will support a more sustainable future. This initiative is also supported by Accenture, Bayer, Fleming Petenko Law LLC, Netlight, Oliver Wyman, and Steptoe & Johnson LLP.

The latest episode of Zero to One explored Filecoin's evolution and future, featuring Protocol Labs’ Bill Schreckenstein, who offered advice to newcomers and provided a glimpse into the future of the Filecoin network.

University of Maryland’s Easier Data Initiative launched the Web3 Geospatial Dashboard, which lets users click on Landsat scenes and see Filecoin and IPFS metadata. It also shows information about active Filecoin storage deals that contain the requested data, including how many IPFS nodes (peers) have pinned the data to the IPFS network. Future versions will have a download button that can fetch data from IPFS and Filecoin.

DeSci Labs’ Philipp Koellinger and Chris Hill delve into the future of the decentralized web and its potential to transform scientific research. Learn more.

Build with Us

Part Two of the FIL Dev Summit kicks off Monday, September 25, in Iceland. The FIL Dev Summit aims to facilitate alignment around the Filecoin roadmap with a focus on the developer ecosystem.

Make sure you're registered for these upcoming Filecoin Hackathons!

  • ETHOnline, October 6-27. This online hackathon includes a series of summits celebrating some of the most important moments in Web3 over the last year.

  • ETHGlobal Istanbul, November 17-19. Join builders from all around the globe for an in-person weekend hackathon right after Devconnect 2023.


In FIP0001v2, the Filecoin Foundation governance team has proposed a series of reforms to the Filecoin Improvement Proposal (FIPs) process. Read more.

In support of this proposal, the governance team is leading the Governance in Action track at the Filecoin Dev Summits in Singapore and Iceland. During these in-person events, developers and storage providers from across the Filecoin ecosystem are invited to join a series of workshops and informational sessions dedicated to supporting improvements to the FIPs process.

The governance team is also scoping new tooling and web interfaces to support better community decision-making, documentation, and wayfinding. These tools - as well as all process changes put forth as part of the FIP0001v2 Initiative - are scheduled to go live on October 15.

The nv21 Watermelon upgrade will arrive on Mainnet on November 7. There are currently 7 FIPs considered in-scope and eligible for inclusion during this network upgrade. Read more.